July 27, 2016

Using Eccentric Chevron Brace Workpoints

RISAConnection now offers the ability to enter an eccentric work point for the braces on a Vertical Brace Chevron Connection.

Ecc Chevron Workpoint 1 300x172 2x

Entering the Eccentricity

The eccentricity may be horizontal, vertical, or both. These entries are in reference to the origin which lies at the intersection of the beam centerline and the gusset centerline.

Ecc Chevron Workpoint 2

Work point offsets may be positive or negative, depending on which direction (from the origin) you want to move the work point.

Ecc Chevron Workpoint 3
  • Quadrant 1: Positive Horizontal Eccentricity, Positive Vertical Eccentricity
  • Quadrant 2: Positive Horizontal Eccentricity, Negative Vertical Eccentricity
  • Quadrant 3: Negative Horizontal Eccentricity, Negative Vertical Eccentricity
  • Quadrant 4: Negative Horizontal Eccentricity, Positive Vertical Eccentricity


While the limit state checks will be the same, the calculated loads at the gusset will be different since they now will include the effect of the work point offset.

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