Design For BRBF with Capacity-Limited Loads in RISAFloor and RISA-3D


Buckling Restrained Braced Frames (BFBF) are utilized by engineers in such a way that the brace is used as a fuse to dissipate energy during a seismic event. These elements, composed of either a steel core and concrete casing or steel braces are advantageous because the concrete case increases the buckling capacity of the steel core, enabling a more efficient and economical design. Their inclusion in RISAFloor and RISA-3D allows engineers to design buckling restrained braced frames (BRBF) according to the capacity-limited design required by AISC 341. Watch this webinar to learn how to: • Utilize CoreBrace BRB elements within RISA-3D • Create specific capacity-limited load combinations • Evaluate BRBF systems according to capacity-limited design