Design of Multi-Story Wood Buildings in RISA


Multi-Story wood construction is a cost-effective and sustainable solution that is gaining the attention of design professionals nationwide. Currently, the International Building Code (IBC) allows wood-frame construction to exceed five stories for occupancies such as commercial, governmental and residential. As a result, RISAFloor is becoming more popular among structural engineers due to its ability to model, analyze and design wood structures according to a variety of building codes. The software features a wide array of design elements including different options for diaphragms, gravity framing, and shear walls. This webinar will showcase a step-by-step approach for the creation of a model in RISAFloor, followed by an integration with RISA-3D for a complete building design. Watch this video to learn how to: • Understand the options and design rules available for wood shear walls • Understand and utilize various diaphragm types such as Rigid, Semi-Rigid, and Flexible • Utilize multiple shear wall design methods including Segmented, Perforated and FTAO • Apply appropriate gravity and lateral loads for the analysis of a multi-story structure.