RISA-Tekla Link Specifications


  • The RISA-Tekla Link can support the following environments in Tekla Structures.


  • US Imperial
  • US Metric
  • UK
  • Germany
  • China
  • India
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Australasia


  • US Imperial
  • US Metric


  • RISAConnection v14.0.0 or higher and RISA-3D v21.0.0 or higher
  • Tekla Structures 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020


The link between RISAConnection and Tekla Structures can transfer the following connections.

Connection Type Tekla Structures Connection (#) RISAConnection Description
Clip Angle Clip Angle (141) Girder(Column)/Beam Clip Angle Connection
End Plate End Plate (144) Girder(Column)/Beam End Plate Connection
Column/Beam Extended End Plate Moment Connection
Column/Beam Flush End Plate Moment Connection
Column/Beam End Plate Moment Connection (Extended on the Tension Side)
Seismic Flange Plate Moment Connection(Bolted Flange Plate OMF, IMF & SMF)
Shear Tab Shear Plate Simple (146) Girder(Column)/Beam Shear Tab Connection
Full Depth (184) Girder/Beam Shear Tab Connection (Full Depth)
Shear Tab Through Plate Shear Plate Tube Column (189) Column/Beam Shear Tab Connection (HSS Column - Knife Plate)
Moment Plate Bolted moment connection (134) Column/Beam Flange Plate Moment Connection
Seismic End Plate Moment Connection(Bolted Extended End Plate OMF, IMF & SMF)
Direct Weld Column with Stiffeners (182) Column/Beam Direct Weld Moment Connection
Dogbone (1), Column with Stiffeners (182) Reduced Beam Section Moment Connections(OMF, IMF & SMF)
Stanchion Weld (85) HSS T Connection
Splice Splice Connection (77) Beam or Column Splice Connection
End Plate Splice Joining Plates (14) Beam or Column Extended End Plate Splice Connection
Vertical Brace Wraparound Gusset Cross (60) Diagonal Vertical Brace (except Wide Flange)
Wraparound Gusset (58) Diagonal Vertical Brace (Wide Flange)
Hollow Brace Wraparound Gusset (59) Diagonal Vertical Brace (HSS-Knife Plate)
Chevron Brace Tube Gusset (20) Chevron Vertical Brace (HSS & Pipe)
Gusseted Cross (62) Chevron Vertical Brace (Wide Flange)
Bolted Gusset (11) Chevron Vertical Brace (except Wide Flange)