RISACalc Specifications

Modeling Features

  • Dynamic synchronization between properties and graphics
  • Ability to copy existing components within the same project
  • Support for all units systems & conversions at any time
  • Light Gage Shapes: AISI, SSMA, Dale/Incor, Dietrich, Marino\WARE

Design Codes

  • Steel Design Codes: AISC 360-16/10/05: ASD & LRFD, AISC 2nd & 3rd: LRFD, AISC 9th: ASD, CSA S16-14/09/05/01/CSA-S16.1-94, IS 800: 2007/1998
  • Concrete Design Codes: ACI 318-19/14/11/08/05/02/99, CSA A23.3-14/04/94, IS 456: 2000, SBC 304-2007
  • Cold Formed Steel Design Codes: AISI S100-20/16/12/10/07: ASD & LRFD, AISI NAS-04/01: ASD & LRFD, AISI 1999: ASD & LRFD, CSA S136-20/16/12/10/07/04/01: LSD, CANACERO 20/16: ASD, CANACERO 12/10/07/04/01: ASD & LRFD
  • Aluminum Design Codes: AA ADM1-20/16/10: ASD & LRFD, AA ADM1-05: ASD
  • Wood Design Codes: AWC NDS-18/15/12: ASD, AF&PA NDS-08/05/01/97/91: ASD, CSA 086-14/09 Ultimate, multi-ply, solid sawn, Glulam, LSL, LVL, OSL, PSL
  • Stainless Steel Design Code: AISC 360-10: ASD & LRFD
  • Steel Joist Design Codes: SJI 43rd/44th Edition, SJI 42nd Edition
  • Composite Steel Beam Design Codes: AISC 360-16/10/05: ASD & LRFD, AISC 2nd & 3rd: LRFD, AISC 9th: ASD, CSA S16-14/09/05/01
  • Retaining Wall & Wall Footing Design Codes: Concrete - ACI 318-19/14/11/08/05/02/99, CSA A23.3-14/04 | Masonry - TMS 402-16: ASD & Strength, ACI 530-13: ASD & Strength
  • Spread Footing Design Codes: ACI 318-19/14/11/08/05/02/99, CSA A23.3-14/04
  • Seismic loads are generated for building-type structures and nonstructural components: ASCE 7-16/10
  • Wind loads are generated for the Main Wind Force Resisting System (MWFRS) and Components & Cladding: ASCE 7-16/10
  • Drilled Pier Design Codes: ACI 318-19/14/11/08

Analysis Features

  • Analysis of 1D members (beams, columns) using Finite Element Method
  • Accelerated true sparse solver for static analysis
  • Automatic self-weight calculations for members
  • P-Delta included for all column components

Design Features

  • Designs/optimizes concrete, hot rolled & cold formed steel, wood and aluminum
  • User-specified rebar layouts for flexure and shear
  • Concrete beam detailing
  • Concrete column interaction diagrams
  • Automatically filtered load combinations
  • Intelligent unbraced length calculations for members
  • Wood Shapes: Complete NDS species/grade and Glulam database
  • Designs/optimization of headed studs and composite beam camber

Results Features

  • Graphic presentation of color-coded results and plotted designs
  • Live force diagrams with roll-over values
  • Graphic member detail reports with force/deflection diagrams and detailed design calculations
  • Ability to batch download project detailed reports

Graphics Features

  • High-speed redraw algorithm for instant refreshing
  • Dynamically zoom, pan, scroll

General Features

  • Supported web-browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge
  • Program technical support provided by Professional Engineers