Efficient Design of Parking Garage Structures in ADAPT-PT/RC


Post-tensioned concrete provides a structurally efficient, reliable, and cost-efficient solution for the construction of concrete parking garages. By eliminating closely spaced joints found in other construction methods, properly designed post-tensioned parking structures allow for longer spans, less columns and more parking spaces, while also being essentially maintenance free. Because of the regularity that exists in these structures, ADAPT-PT/RC has been utilized for years to achieve efficient design and optimization of the two-way post-tensioned concrete slab elements. In this recorded webinar, viewers will learn about: • The basics of ADAPT-PT/RC and how it differs from ADAPT-Builder. • How to subdivide a parking garage structure into "Equivalent Frames" for design in ADAPT-PT/RC. • How to input various structural conditions, create loading and establish tendon design information. • How to utilize the "Recycler" to optimize a structures post-tension tendons.