RISACalc New Features

  • Added New Foundation Element: Drilled Pier

    Seismic Load Generator: Added integration with USGS Earthquake Catalog API for site specific data

  • Added New Load Generator: Seismic Load Generator

  • Added New Design Component: Wall Footing

  • Added New Design Component: Spread Footing

  • v3.0

    Added New Design Component: Retaining Wall Design

    Updated & Enhanced Graphical User Interface

  • Printing Improvements: Added print options to customize sections to include in the detailed report

  • Member Design & Printing Improvements

  • v2.0

    Concrete Design Improvements: Added concrete design for ACI 318-19

  • Added New Design Component: Composite Steel Beam Design

    Analysis Improvements: Include P-Delta for all Columns

  • Video: Added New Design Component: Steel Joist Design

    Wood Design Improvements: Added LRFD wood design for NDS 2018/2015

    Enhanced Detailed Report force diagrams to report all peak magnitudes

  • v1.0

    Introducing RISACalc

    Added New Component Design Options