RISAConnection New Features

  • v13

    Added Diagonal Brace Extended Shear Tab Connections

    Added New Connection Defaults Viewer

    Seismic Detailing per AISC 341-16 and 358-16

  • v12

    Added ability to create Custom Anchor Bolt Layouts in Column Base Plates

    Added support for Skewed Shear Plate Connections

  • v11

    Added Anchorage Design for Base Plates using Hilti Profis

    Added Column Cap Plate Moment Connection

    Updated HSS Tube Connection Design for Canadian Code

  • v10

    RISAConnection v10 - New Features

    Material Code Updates

    Improved Extended Shear Tab Connections

  • v9

    Enhanced Diagonal Brace Connection

    Updated Weld at Column Design Check

    HSS Column Moment Connections

  • v8

    Enhanced Diagonal Brace Connection

    Enhanced Base Plate Connection

    Added Two-Sided Shear Connections

    Updated Moment Connection Types

    Canadian Connection Updates

  • v7

    Added Base Plate Connection

    Added Knee Brace Connection

    Enhanced Column Connections

    Enhanced Connection Management

  • v6

    Added Seismic Brace Connections

    Added Chevron Brace Connections

    Updates to Vertical Brace Connections

    Canadian Code Updates