As 2022 comes to a close, we’ve been reflecting on the changes and growth that took place over the past year.

Future Success Starts Today.
Products. People. Places.

2022 was a year of incredible growth for RISA. We moved into a new office, added incredible new people to our team and released highly requested, new features, all while continuing to provide unrivaled support to our customers.

RISA New Hires.
Building Solid Foundations.

Erik Mura
Senior Software Engineer
Gina Martinez
Technical Support Technician
Zella Stewart
Customer Care
Jerry Gong
Technical Support Engineer
Jamey Helms
Senior Software Developer
Haseen Sarpas
Customer Care
Rebecca Miller
Technical Trainer
New Places.
RISA Headquarters.
RISA Training.
Teach a Man (or Woman) to Fish.

In continuation of the successful 2021 launch of our online courses, 2022 saw us expand our training offerings, allowing customers to engage with RISA experts more often. Whether focusing on RISA-3D or ADAPT-Builder, students filled up monthly courses and became more proficient with their RISA and ADAPT tools.

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2022 by the Numbers

# of Courses: 18 (online) | 7 (in-person)
# of Students: +350 (online) | +125 (in-person)

While we are proud of the training success we saw last year, 2023 will see RISA release new on-demand courses as well as new live, online courses for RISA-3D as well as RISAFloor. Visit our Training page to learn more about these courses (as well as others).

New Courses for 2023
RISA Gives.
To Whom Much is Given,
Much is Required.

As part of RISA's continued commitment to philanthropy, we have partnered with a number of charities both in our community and abroad this holiday season. It is our joy and pleasure to support these four wonderful organizations and the work that they do throughout the year.

Children of the Nations

International organization focused on providing holistic care for orphaned and destitute children, enabling them to create positive and lasting change in their nations.

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OC Family Justice Center Foundation

Local organization that provides direct victim assistance, empowerment, and prevention resources for victims and families whose lives have been impacted by domestic violence and abuse.

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StandUp for Kids OC

Local organization dedicated to ending the cycle of youth homelessness in and around Orange County.

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Laura’s House

Local organization that aims to inspire hope and empower change in order to end domestic violence.

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Upcoming Updates
VERSION 20.0.5


Trusted leader in 3D analysis and multi-material design.

2022 Updates

  • 2021 SDPWS - Wood Design
  • ADM 2020 - Aluminum Design
  • CFS S100 2016 - Cold Formed Steel Design
  • CFS S240/S400 2020 - Cold Formed Steel Wall Design


The right choice for analysis and design of multi-story concrete structures.

2022 Updates

  • Concrete Column Design
  • Concrete Shear Wall Design
VERSION 13.0.2


Full 3D visualization, design and reporting for steel connections.

2022 Updates

  • Continuous Beam over HSS/WF Column Connection
  • Duplicate Connection Properties to Existing Connection


The perfect calculator for structural design

2022 Updates

  • Strap Footings
  • Wall Panels (Concrete, Wood & Masonry)
  • Load Generators (Wind & Snow)
Eyes on the Horizon.
To Infinity & Beyond.

Finally, as we turn the page on 2022 and look forward to 2023, we see exciting new updates to our most popular products right around the corner. These new releases include functionality and improvements that our customers have been asking for and we are excited to deliver them to everyone as soon as possible.